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Investors are attending HLTH 2023

Market dynamics continue to fuel innovation and competition as economic uncertainties, banking fears, and regulatory changes have created a more cautious investment climate. Investors are seeking startups with solid value propositions, clinical evidence, proof of traction and scalability. The stakes are higher as investors continue to diversify their portfolios and expand their focus to more durable business models that can withstand economic headwinds and still yield high returns over a longer period of time. 

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Why investors should attend HLTH 2023

The digital health sector continues to reflect resilience with a favorable interest in telehealth and offering in-home care services with remote patient monitoring. These areas surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, and its popularity has created a new shift towards augmenting the hospital experience. Additionally, AI and machine learning, the advent of ChatGPT, and other automations are in the spotlight to create better operational efficiencies. Yet, the integration of diverse tech solutions and interoperability still remains challenging for health systems.

At HLTH 2023, investors will share how they are expanding their responsibilities by providing strategic advice, aiding in talent acquisition, or facilitating partnerships to enhance their positions in the marketplace. They will explore opportunities for businesses to navigate the dynamic landscape with agility, foresight, and an unwavering focus on value creation. 

Be a part of our Funding Founders Program as we match investors with startups relevant to their investment goals to pitch their products, engage in discussion, share ideas, offer new insights, or even become a future influential member of the board.


Consolidation, collaboration, and new acquisitions to sustain growth while strategizing on new approaches to acquire and retain customers.

✔ Focusing on investments to enable value-based care, generative AI, improvements to non-clinical workflows and practice management, and assessing opportunities for the aging population, remote patient management, wellness, nutrition, fitness, and weight management.

Curating opportunities in life sciences and pharma around rapid drug development and lower distribution costs.

Gathering more market intelligence from the frontline as providers, health systems and patients are considering new health tech solutions. 

Analyzing the regulatory and financial landscape and its impact on future investments.

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Here's a snapshot of who's attending HLTH 2023:

Business Analysts | Senior Associates | Venture Capitalists, Private Investors | General Partnership Executives | Investment Bankers | CFOs | CEOs | Presidents | Partnership Development Leads | Private Equity Directors | Managing Directors | Vice Presidents and MORE.

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Event Programs You May Be Interested In

As part of the HLTH 2023 attendee experience, we have curated recommended programs and activities that we believe will optimize your event journey and help accelerate your business goals.

Funding Founders

Participate in a 1:1, double opt-in matchmaking program pairing healthcare technology startup executives with investors in a series of 15-minute meetings. All meetings are investor driven.

The Startup

Attend one (or all three) of the startup pitches at HLTH 2023, which will provide emerging, game-changing healthcare technology companies an opportunity to pitch a panel of expert judges.

HLTH Connect

Find attendees with similar interests through the event app to expand your network and reserve a dedicated time slot within the HLTH Connect Lounge to align around common business interests.

Curated Sessions for Investors

Experience your curated journey at HLTH 2023.

Join your peers and the healthcare ecosystem at HLTH 2023 for a curated experience designed around your interests and goals.

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