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Hospital systems and health providers are struggling with a myriad of challenges to meet the demands of patients while maintaining good quality healthcare. As workforce shortages, fiscal challenges, and job dissatisfaction prevails, it requires health systems and providers a willingness to adapt, innovate, and focus on evaluating new tools and services to deliver patient-centered care. Driven by heightened health consciousness and accessibility of digital health tools, patients are seeking care solutions that enable active management of their health and well-being.  

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Why providers should attend HLTH 2023

At HLTH 2023, we will host conversations among healthcare leaders focusing on the numerous challenges impacting health systems including budget cuts, increase in costs and length of stay, staffing shortages, and antiquated technologies. Data interoperability, privacy, and security issues remain key hurdles requiring significant investments as providers strive to create a better experience for their patients. Furthermore, patients are demanding new solutions that enable active management of their health while providers lack the proper resources to onboard new tools.

While the challenges are vast, the opportunities born out of the pandemic give hope to a new healthcare landscape. Access to care through hospital-at-home, telehealth, and an increase use and adoption of wearables has expanded reach to more specialized services. Providers are piloting ChatGPT to alleviate administrative tasks, in addition to evaluating AI and machine learning technologies to synthesize multiple sources of data to report and predict new treatment options. These are just some of the conversations that will be prevalent in and around the show floor at HLTH 2023.

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Creating a patient-centric approach to care that is more accessible, engaging, culturally competent, and cost-effective in transforming healthcare delivery.

✔ Fostering new communication tools to create an omnichannel experience between patients and providers to promote transparency of care, better care coordination, and satisfaction.

Understanding real-time digital biomarkers and clinically validated devices to monitor patients.

Overcoming resistance to digital transformation in an effort to empower providers and other stakeholders with change management, deeper collaboration, and further training + education.

Challenges in building trust with digital devices that monitor spikes in conditions while balancing human interventions as needed.

Combatting cost controls without sacrificing service to patients, providers, and maintaining high standards of quality care.

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