Across many topics in 100+ sessions, you’ll learn where disruptions to incumbent models, roles and technologies are reshaping the entire spectrum of health. Immerse yourself in thought-provoking discussions throughout the show floor on six themed stages. We will cover a diverse set of topics across all stages over a range of session formats, including panels, presentations, point-counterpoint discussions and more.

Our bodies and our Earth are not so different. The nourishment we provide them directly influences their ability to thrive. If we continue to pollute our environment, our world will continue to deteriorate beneath us and climate struggles will persist. And if we continue to ignore our physical and mental well-being, consume harmful foods and not empower our bodies, our life expectancy will continue to decline.

Just like our Earth, our bodies deserve the best nutrients, the cleanest air, the purest water, and the utmost care. What we eat, how we move, how we socialize, how we tend to our minds are all vital in preventing chronic diseases. And just like our Earth, our bodies are resilient. They can heal if we tend to them like our own personal garden. Let’s strengthen the roots for better health!

Humanity has long aspired to go where no person has gone before. The moon is the ultimate symbol of discovery–so untouched, untampered with, and yet seemingly unattainable. Only 12 humans have walked on the moon’s surface, despite decades of attempts at further exploration. The ever-elusive and deceptive moon; it seems so close, almost within reach, but remains impossible to reach.

The similarities between our lunar aspirations and healthcare are not so far off. We are constantly in search of new technologies, new treatments, new discoveries to create a healthier future for all people. So what if we defied gravity, navigated through the lunar cycles, kept innovating, occasionally failed along the way, but continued to push forward? We invite you to explore the “what if” with us. Healthcare will not change without moonshot thinking.

The endless, deep ocean screams fear of the unknown with so much to discover, so much to explore. The ocean is a vast, dynamic ecosystem of organisms working symbiotically, while healthcare is a complex network of stakeholders, each carving out their own role within this wide reaching industry.

Similar to the ocean, the healthcare ecosystem requires careful management and stewardship to ensure that it remains healthy and sustainable over time. As we venture into uncharted waters and navigate the tides, our collective efforts continue to steer us towards improving the lives of individuals, employees and communities alike. Just as we marvel at the wonders of the ocean, let us embrace the opportunity to advance healthcare, working hand in hand to uplift humanity and create a brighter, healthier future for all.

Is having your head in the clouds necessarily a bad thing? Sometimes you have to leap into the unknown, embrace the risks, and remain a little naive towards the potential for failure. All big ideas seem a little fanatical at first!

In order to curb the negative trajectory of chronic illnesses and find cures for the incurable, we need bold and seemingly bizarre ideas. Not all will succeed, and there will be dark skies and gray, rainy days, but the sun will always come out eventually. Let’s continue to gaze at the sky, explore the realm of possibilities, and unleash the power of technology and knowledge at our fingertips to create next-generation treatments and diagnostics that will shape the future of health.

The sun is a vital source of energy and sustenance for life on Earth. Similarly, healthcare is essential for our overall well-being and survival. The sun provides us with warmth, light, and energy, while healthcare offers us access to medical treatments, diagnostic tools, and preventive measures that help maintain and improve our health.

But just as the sun is a beacon of light and hope, it can also cause harm, always reminding us that good things don’t come easy. Healthcare too, has its drawbacks and limitations. By balancing our reliance on medical treatments with healthy lifestyle choices and preventive measures, we can maximize the benefits of our healthcare system while minimizing its potential harms. It's imperative to approach both the sun and healthcare with caution, respect, and a willingness to learn and adapt to the ever-changing circumstances.

The universe and healthcare share a cosmic connection, both a complicated network of intertwining elements that shape our humanity. Like the endlessness of space, the healthcare ecosystem spans boundless horizons, involving a dynamic interplay of providers, payors, patients, employers, pharma, researchers, creators, and innovators.

From the birth of stars to the breakthroughs of medical science, the healthcare evolution is filled with breathtaking moments of discovery and transformation. As galaxies collide and stars explode, so do our ideas propelling us forward in the quest to conquer diseases and suffering. Our HLTH-i-verse will combine all of the elements of our world to remain steadfast in our goal to elevate humanity!

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