Hosted Buyer Program

Matching Qualified Buyers and Solution Providers in 1:1 Meetings

The Hosted Buyer Program is a curated networking event providing complimentary tickets to individuals from established payers, providers, employers, pharma, health retailers and government.

To qualify, you must be responsible for buying or evaluating digital health technology or other solutions for your organization and take a minimum of eight (8), 15-minute meetings with participating solution providers. These 1:1 pre-arranged meetings are based on a double-opt-in process ensuring they are valuable to everyone.

Please note:

The spirit of the Hosted Buyer Program is meant for qualified buyers and influencers who are decision makers for their organization. This program is not meant for solution providers, startups or investors.

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The Hosted Buyer Program will take place Sunday, Monday and Tuesday during the event.

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Eight, 15-minute meetings with participating solution providers. Meeting schedules are sent out a week before the event.

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We’re creating an open environment to evaluate technologies and solutions while making connections in the health industry.


  • Be responsible for buying or evaluating health technologies or solutions for their company
  • Agree to a minimum of 8, (15-minute) onsite meetings with participating solution providers.
  • Attend all scheduled meetings
  • Prepare in advance for scheduled meetings
  • Provide accurate information that allows HLTH to arrange mutually beneficial meetings
  • Provide post-event feedback on each meeting (HLTH also solicits post-event feedback from participating solution providers, which is used to determine eligibility for future Hosted Buyer Programs)

*Cancellation Policy: if you become unable to participate in the program, you may cancel without penalty before September 8th, 2020. All cancellation requests must be received in writing to After this deadline, if you cancel your registration and are not able to provide a substitute approved by us, you will be prevented from qualifying for the program in future years.



“Best conference I have ever attended! I was able to meet with over 100 people that could potentially bring new solutions to our health system in a very efficient way. This was time very well spent!” - BSA Health System


“Great energy and inspiration. Wide industry opportunities and networking. It was great for getting the pulse on what's happening in improving healthcare through innovative and transforming systems.” - MyBirthSpace


“The Hosted Buyer Program provided a structured opportunity to guarantee I made connections that will hopefully lead to a fruitful partnership.” - OhioHealth