Wednesday, Jun 3, 2020 | 1:00 PM ET

The Virtual Health Awakening

As we move into a post-coronavirus world, It’s evident that virtual health is not just a nice extension of traditional care, it’s an essential one. Health organizations who’ve adopted rich virtual health initiatives early on understand the breadth and depth of their impact and have kept pace with a quickly changing market. With COVID-19 turning traditional care models on their heads, it’s clear that the need for virtual care options extends far beyond hospitals and health systems. Everyone is now in the health business. In this session we’ll explore Virtual Health's truly unique journey, looking at early adopters and their programs, market perspectives on accelerated Virtual Health Adoption in the face of this global pandemic, and what’s next for all the players within the health ecosystem across the country. Hear from three national leaders in healthcare and technology discuss how their journeys in addressing these pressing issues with cutting-edge, automated screening technology have allowed them to provide the best care for patients in a very uncertain time.


  • Gain critical insight into how Virtual Health was, is, and will be used in this shifting healthcare landscape
  • Discuss how and why Virtual Health technology has seen such a rapid expansion in adoption
  • Learn how Virtual Health now addresses important needs across all industries
  • Hear first-hand experience of navigating change-management and mitigating COVID-related turbulence



Reenita Das, Senior Vice President and Partner, Frost & Sullivan


Dr. Zenobia Brown, Chief Medical Officer & VP Pop Health, Northwell Health