Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020 | 1:00 PM ET

The Journey to Well-being: Consumer Trends in Engagement

The Journey to Well-being: Consumer Trends in Engagement

The focus on traditional wellness has been evolving for several years, most recently what many now term as “well-being”, which not only encompasses traditional diet and exercise, but looking at a person’s whole health. Broadening the scope of what is considered “wellness” has raised the necessary awareness in areas such as behavioral and mental health, and even those just touch the surface. Combine the evolution of how we evaluate a person’s health status with the expectations consumers have when it comes to their health, and it’s proving to be an interesting time for the space.

These points alone would be enough to increase your focus on the well-being space, but then you add a global pandemic, and it becomes a brand new playing field. With both challenges and opportunities for all involved, including health plans, well-being engagement vendors and most important the consumer, there is a lot to dig into to understand what real “well-being” truly means.


  • Discuss the traditional definition of wellness and how its evolved and how its driving changes in healthcare
  • Who are the main players to look out for in this space right now?
  • How is the evolution of the consumer’s expectations when it comes to their health driving how health plans are engaging with their members?
  • How can we leverage the engagement approach large consumer brands (Netflix, Amazon) take in the healthcare space?
  • How do all parties in the health ecosystem play a role in consumer well-being
  • Review the trends to be expected in the space for 2021 and beyond


Eric LangshurChief Executive Officer, AVIA


Dr. Catherine BassDirector, Belmont Data Collaborative, Belmont University's Data Collaborative

Nick Dewan, M.D.Vice President, Behavioral Health, GuideWell Health

Clint PorchCare & Wellness Digital Health Solutions, Florida Blue

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