Monday, Oct 30, 2023 | 11:00 AM ET

The EMR Can No Longer Own the Customer Experience

The EMR Can No Longer Own the Customer Experience

Today, consumers have control in myriad categories and their expectations are higher. Healthcare is no exception. But today, many health systems cede their consumer relationships - and data visibility - to the EMR. While health systems have tried to pivot the EMR to be “consumer-facing,” most EHR tools are simply portals that offer a view of “sick-related” information related to a specific clinical interaction.

Looking forward, health systems who relegate themselves to the EMR as their consumer interface are going to die. They won’t build, they won’t differentiate and they won’t be able to compete.

While the EMR offers important infrastructure, health systems need a modern consumer stack that sits on top of the EMR - orchestrating the myriad fragmented experiences, data, platforms and behaviors connected to individuals. A broadly adopted platform is critical to unlocking new revenue opportunities across the ecosystem for all parties that can reap the value commensurate with the value they generate.

In this session, panelists will discuss:

  • Why a sole focus on the EMR as a consumer interface is hurting consumers and patients, and also burning out providers.
  • How a single platform that operates in parallel with the EMR, can unlock the real potential of consumer-driven and identity driven health care through a combination of SSO and federated identity protocols, personalized experiences and an ecosystem of partners.
  • Why knowing more about who we serve, not only improves the consumer’s experience and relationship, but improves outcomes and lowers cost.


Sara VaezyEVP, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Providence

A.G. BreitensteinVenture Partner, Define Ventures

Adam CherringtonVP Digital Health, Klas Research

Justin DearbornExecutive-In-Residence, CEO, Praia Health

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