Thursday, Oct 22, 2020 | 1:00 PM ET

Pivot Point – The Rise of Digital Pharma and Patient Support

Pivot Point – The Rise of Digital Pharma and Patient Support

COVID-19 has created a tectonic shift in healthcare, accelerating the adoption of digital health tools to support patient care. Patients, caregivers, and providers have turned to digital solutions to remain connected, access care, and support treatment regimens.

As the pandemic rages on, and uncertainty lingers, the immediate changes individuals are making in their health are likely to become more commonplace. This is positive news as more people are taking an active role in their health, whether out of necessity or increased engagement. In a recent survey of 1000 consumers, over 50% of respondents indicated that they changed their healthcare routines and almost 1:4 adopted more digital health tools. In fact, 50% of new to digital health users said they would continue to use digital health tools even after the pandemic ends.

This digital shift is also resulting in greater healthcare efficiencies, more engaged patients, and fewer disruptions in care. New digital health platforms are emerging as essential lifelines to the continuum of care. So, what does the future of patient support look like for Pharma and to what degree have we pivoted to a point of no return?

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how pharma is adopting new digital models to holistically support patients
  • Discuss how new data outputs are helping to drive complete healthcare engagements
  • Discover how pharma is vertically integrating patient support programs
  • Evaluate the need for digital companions by treatment or by condition to drive medication efficacy


Alexandros GiannakisManaging Director, Digital Health & Personalized Medicine, Accenture


Amy WestHead of US Digital Health Strategy, Novo Nordisk

Omri ShorCEO and Co-founder, Medisafe

Scott BradleyVP and Head, PSS Cross-Portfolio, Novartis International AG

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