Wednesday, Apr 7, 2021 | 1:00 PM ET

Going Digital: Is Information Sharing Our Solution to Achieving Value-Based Care?

Going Digital: Is Information Sharing Our Solution to Achieving Value-Based Care?

Opportunities to improve the American healthcare system have come into sharp focus during the pandemic. One of the calamities of COVID-19 is that patients have put off medical care. Some skipped routine screenings which led to missed or very delayed cancer diagnoses, while others with chronic or complex conditions skipped essential treatment. Digitally enabled services can help close these care gaps and shed light on the need for better information sharing around high-risk populations. For the health industry to improve, we must not only reinvigorate our focus on value-based care, but also shift away from our use of antiquated technologies for sharing crucial patient information.

From now on, patient activity, like provider visits, lab tests, procedures, and prescriptions, will be closely watched. As the urgency of the global pandemic subsides, how can we build on recent innovation to find better ways to share information and move crucial pieces of value-based care like healthcare reminders to a digital platform? Join leaders who are creating innovative new approaches to care management in a discussion around how to close care gaps in high-risk populations through enhanced information sharing.


  • Review the reasons behind information sharing as an important part of value-based care efforts
  • What is currently hindering successful information exchange and what opportunities exist to improve it?
  • Discuss innovations in healthcare technology that have received traction as a result of COVID-19 and their subsequent challenges
  • Review key learnings taken from the information sharing we witnessed during COVID-19 that we should continue to leverage in the future


Stephanie DavisSenior Research Analyst, SVB Securities


Tom SkeltonChief Executive Officer, Surescripts

Dr. Farzad MostashariCo-Founder and CEO, Aledade Inc

Karen M. Murphy, PhD, RNEVP/Chief Innovation Officer, Geisinger Health System

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