Tuesday, Aug 24, 2021 | 1:00 PM ET

From Dx to Rx: Collaborating for a Better Patient Experience in Cancer

The complexity of cancer types and treatments presents a challenge for patients, physicians and researchers in cancer, and can leave patients with gaps in information that alienate them from the decision process. The mCODE project is standardizing data to inform a better experience for cancer patients, from diagnosis to personalized clinical trials and treatment recommendations. mCODE is creating common, easily shared data to drive joint decision making between patients and their treating physicians. Learn how the ‘back end’ of oncology--data standards and exchange----are changing cancer care and creating opportunities for continuous knowledge development.



Zeshan A. Rajput, MD, Principal, MITRE


Lawrence (Larry) N. Shulman, MD, Professor of Medicine, The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Sharon Hensley Alford, PhD, MPH, Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer, Cancer Insights

Grace Cordovano, PhD, BCPA, Founder & Board-Certified Patient Advocate, Enlightening Results