Tuesday, Nov 14, 2023 | 1:00 PM ET

From AI Chaos to Clarity: Transforming Data into a Strategic Asset for Person-Centric Care

From AI Chaos to Clarity: Transforming Data into a Strategic Asset for Person-Centric Care

As healthcare witnesses unprecedented advancements in data, AI, and large language models, it’s imperative that executives at this brink of technological revolution ask: are we prioritizing the right data for truly person-centric care, or are we losing focus amidst the surge of information and AI-related developments? Facing an AI-powered future means this is a critical time to reassess current practices and assumptions around data utilization. 

Leaders need to prioritize responsible and ethical use of that information and refine approaches to ensure organizations focus on the right data. Achieving that will require leaders to outline tangible steps toward more person-centric models of care based on relevant data and to reorient the current focus from systems to human beings.

Webinar participants will explore:

  • How do we determine the data sets most pertinent for developing person-centric care?
  • Among clinical, behavioral, environmental, and genetic data, which holds the most potential for unlocking insights in person-centric care?
  • How do we weigh the importance of an individual’s historical data against real-time data streams in the context of person-centric care?
  • How can we strike a balance between leveraging AI for operational efficiency and ensuring that it doesn't depersonalize the patient’s experience?
  • How can individuals be more actively involved in the data-sharing process, and how do we ensure they are adequately educated about how their data is being used?
  • How can an enterprise effectively mitigate the risks and potential inconsistencies arising from multiple point solutions that independently leverage AI to make decisions on


Dan D'OrazioCEO, Sage Growth Partners


Kenneth YoungPresident & CEO, Medecision

Kim VictoryHealthcare Director, Google

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