Thursday, Oct 1, 2020 | 1:00 PM ET

Could Coronavirus Save Primary Care?

The primary care delivery model was in shambles long before the coronavirus pandemic hit. The issues that led to long patient wait times, provider burnout, and escalating costs to deliver care have only gotten worse during the COVID-19 crisis. And though many systems have implemented virtual care tools—and patients have come to embrace them—those same issues will be there when the crisis is over if we don’t take steps now to address them. As we begin to imagine what a post-virus recovery looks like, we have an opportunity to redesign care delivery to make it work better for everyone.

Fortunately, the virtual care tools that kept your patients and providers connected throughout the crisis could be a jumping-off point to make primary care even better as the industry recovers. How can you best use the resources you have put in place? Can they be augmented or tweaked slightly to make your providers more productive, increase patient’s ability to get the right care at the right time, and drive much needed revenue for the top line?

Key takeaways:

  • Evaluate your existing care-delivery model for gaps and opportunities
  • Discuss what kinds of tools can complement your existing tech stack to make them all work better
  • Learn how tools that direct patients to the right care at the right time can drive patient and provider satisfaction



Alex Lennox-Miller, Senior Analyst, Chilmark Research


Karen M. Murphy, PhD, RN, EVP/Chief Innovation Officer, Geisinger Health System

Eren Ball, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Health

Dr. Ray Costantini, CEO & Co-Founder,