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Redefining the strategic provider-vendor partnership in healthcare

Healthcare is undergoing a transitional change. Traditional operating and business models are being redefined, with a renewed focus on improving the healthcare connections that matter most to patients: access, affordability, quality, and outcomes. DeliverHealth, a 1-year-old health tech and services company that spun off from Nuance when Microsoft purchased Nuance in 2021, understands that to create value today, traditional transactional business relationships must evolve into true strategic partnerships in healthcare.

That’s why the DeliverHealth platform-as-a-service holistically addresses and simplifies many of the complexities that have existed in healthcare for decades and still present barriers daily to providers and clinicians trying to focus on improving patient care.

DeliverHealth was founded to “clear the way for the healthcare connections that matter most—between clinicians and technology, providers and patients, and people and their health.”

The DeliverHealth Platform includes an award-winning, mobile-first patient engagement application, as well as software solutions for coding and revenue cycle integrity, clinical documentation, and Electronic Health Record (EHR) activation and optimization — all supported by professional and managed services that place “people in the loop” to make the most of today’s technology and streamline processes.

The company also recently expanded its platform to include services for ER physicians and urgent care centers that acquire, normalize and read medical charts using the latest generation NLP technologies.

DeliverHealth’s aim, it says, is to provide health systems and ambulatory practices with a seamless platform for growth and risk management, with a focus on making fundamental administrative tasks simpler. Customers agree DeliverHealth is achieving its target goal.

In February, KLAS Research reported that DeliverHealth’s digital health solution, Gemini, scored the highest customer satisfaction scores ever reported for any of its 90 KLAS Emerging Technology Spotlight reports. In addition, DeliverHealth’s EHR Activation Services and its Ambulatory Services earned top customer satisfaction scores in other KLAS reports, with across-the-board “A” grades for partnership, execution, and “likely to recommend.”

The company, however, believes the first step to delivering solutions and services that simplify and satisfy is forging authentic, empathetic partnerships with providers and clinicians.

“At the core of healthcare is the provider-patient relationship,” says Sy Yella, Chief Operating Officer for DeliverHealth. “We all get that. But the other vital relationship is the provider-vendor relationship—especially in the age of digital health and tech innovation.”

At the heart of that relationship-building, Yella says, is empathy and expertise.

The company is also building deep partnerships with nearly 50 other healthcare tech companies to bring their customers the best available solutions in the marketplace.

The bottom line, says DeliverHealth, is that success in healthcare is all about relationships.



Sy YellaCOO, DeliverHealth

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