Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022 | 12:00 AM ET

Mytonomy Announces TV Channel on the ROKU® Platform

Moving healthcare from the exam room to the living room is made easy with Mytonomy’s first TV channel on the Roku® platform. Mytonomy, the award-winning content creator and software system used by major hospitals, raises the bar on patient engagement.

Mytonomy’s TV app is an extension of its Cloud for Healthcare platform that enables healthcare providers to deliver a more modern, consumer-like experience at home by leveraging the power of streaming content. This channel is designed to be white-labeled by health systems so they can get their brand on the big screen, right next to major streaming players like Netflix or YouTube for instance. And their doctors and nurses can be featured in the patient instruction series, reaching patients 24/7 in the comfort of their living room. With home becoming the new epicenter of care, there’s no need for a healthcare system’s patient education video library to be limited to in-patient units. 

This announcement follows the release of Mytonomy’s Cloud for Maternal Care, Cloud for Total Joint Replacement, and Two Gold Award announcements by Digital Health 2021 recognizing Mytonomy’s Content Cloud as “Best in Class” for Content Management Solutions and Mytonomy’s “Patient Experience Cloud™” as “Best in Class” for Digital Health Curation. 

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Video transcript:

Jody Tropeano: Welcome to another HLTH Announcement Spotlight. I'm Jody Tropeano, HLTH's Head of Content here with Mytonomy’s CEO and Co-Founder Anjali Kataria who has some news to share with us today. Anjali, welcome back to the HLTH Spotlight. Sounds like you're excited to make a major product announcement today so can you tell us a little bit about what you're announcing?

Anjali Kataria: Thanks, Jody. Yes we are so excited to announce a major extension of our video-based patient engagement platform with the launch of Mytonomy's first smart TV app for the Roku streaming platform. This app is designed to be white labeled by health systems so they can get their brand on the big screen right next to major streaming players like Netflix,

YouTube and Disney+ for instance and their doctors and nurses can be featured in the patient instruction series reaching patients 24/7 in the comfort of their own living room.

Jody: And how do health systems use this? Let's say for example I'm the head of a department. How would I use Mytonomy's TV app? 

Anjali: First if you're a Mytonomy customer, you have access to our content cloud which comes with Mytonomy's streaming library of over 2000 clinical episodes. You can also upload any content you've already created: articles, pdfs, any video content. Once your content is hosted in Mytonomy's content cloud, we can push a button and deliver it for you on TVs through Roku TV app. 

Jody: And why Roku? Is there a plan for other TV apps? 

Anjali: With more than 30 percent of the market share, Roku was a great place to start. We are also rapidly expanding beyond Roku to other smart TV providers like Apple TV, Samsung, Sharp, LG, Sony, etc with the same approach.

Jody: That's wonderful to hear about your future roadmap and you know we all have friends or parents who've had to have replacement surgery whether knee or hip, so it sounds like this could really help them with the transition from hospital to home. Can you share more about that?

Anjali: Yes, that transition from hospital to home is a major focus area for Mytonomy with the TV app. It used to be that the hospital was the epicenter of care and now the hospital wants you to come home as fast as possible. Discharge is faster than ever. There's a huge gap in how we transition from a health care system that's inpatient oriented to an outpatient oriented healthcare system. We can help lower costs and improve outcomes especially if we activate patients to take more ownership of their care, so it's entirely possible for patients to take on more of their care if they have the proper instruction. 

Jody: And is this a product just for providers to educate their patients before and after a procedure or are there any other content areas for managing chronic conditions?

Anjali: Great question. Yes, the Mytonomy Roku TV app can deliver any content you want your patients to have before, during or after the encounter. One popular way is for joint replacement patients to get their preparation instructions at home and follow along on their TV with their caregivers right beside them. Another use case might be people living with diabetes refreshing themselves on how to care for themselves, or asthma or COPD patients remembering how to take their inhaler properly. The use cases are endless and Mytonomy covers all major conditions and procedures with over 2000 plus TV episodes ready for assignment by your doctor or nurse tailored with their specific care instruction.

Jody: So we all know that the healthcare ecosystem is made up of patients, providers and payers, so can you explain a little bit about how Mytonomy's TV app could help all of those segments?

Anjali: This is a new model of healthcare delivery that saves time and yields better outcomes. Consumers trust their health system to deliver the most accurate information on topics like vaccines and more but the influence of local doctors is being drowned out by misinformation from many sources. Doctors need to reach patients where they are and in a medium that they're used to and the 4k HD TV episodes that Mytonomy is bringing to the market allow for more effective engagement. Patients are tuned in and can re-watch as many times as they need in the comfort of their home. The real benefit is that because Mytonomy helps healthcare providers customize their own video content to stream on any device, customers of our cloud for healthcare can take their existing investment in their video library that's powered by Mytonomy and become the newest streaming provider overnight. It's time for healthcare to become video

publishers and get their trusted messages out and officially moving healthcare from

the exam room to the living room. 

Jody: And how is Mytonomy's TV app playing a leading role in digital transformation?

Anjali: The beauty of the big screen is that it appeals and engages all people and the power of TV episodes that are clinically validated will help close gaps in care. What Mytonomy brings that is really unique is making all of this feel incredibly easy to use. We will see more integration of the actual patient visit and the ongoing care in between visits that creates a significantly better patient experience overall. That is the digital transformation Mytonomy is driving.

Jody: It was wonderful speaking with you again and hearing more about your vision for health at home, so good luck to all you're doing at Mytonomy and thanks for joining us Anjali.

Anjali: Thanks Jody. I really appreciate it.



Anjali KatariaCEO and Co-Founder, Mytonomy

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