Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021 | 12:00 AM ET

LetsGetChecked launches remote biometric screening solution to improve member experience and engagement

LetsGetChecked, the global leader in at-home health diagnostics, is launching a first-of-its-kind biometric screening solution allowing employers and health plans to deliver healthcare direct to people's homes for easy self-collection. The solution uniquely combines at-home diagnostics, telehealth, and e-prescriptions, to drive more engagement, better access, closing gaps in care, and improved outcomes.

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Video transcript:

Jody Tropeano: I'm Jody Tropeano the Content Director for HLTH and I'm here with Derek Newell the President of LetsGetChecked. He’s here to share some exciting news as a part of our HLTH Spotlight Announcement series. So, Derek, welcome

Derek Newell: Thank you, thanks for having me.

Jody Tropeano: So first just tell me a little bit about LetsGetChecked. What are you doing that's different from what other companies have done for years in the diagnostics space?

Derek Newell: I think we all know that Covid shifted the landscape pretty dramatically and we have an at-home diagnostics platform that allows people to get a wide variety of diagnostics at home and as we started in 2015, so way before the pandemic, but as the pandemic shifts more and more testing is at home. We have a hundred over a hundred bioindicators that we can measure at home . The most interesting thing about LetsGetChecked is we are a full-stack company so we have manufacturing of the kits, we have dispatch of the kits, we own our own lab where we can process the kits, we own the technology platforms that both the physicians and the consumers interact with, and we have a care team so every time someone has a diagnostic that's positive or negative or in the wrong direction we have a team of people who reach out to them and who help them seek care. So tha full-stack capability allows us to really do things that other companies can't do. We can customize kits for large payers, we can meet the needs of the consumer really quickly, we can also respond to needs that are very fast. We had one customer who needed 30000 kits sent out within 2 weeks and because we're fully stacked and fully integrated, we were able to meet those needs very quickly.

Jody Tropeano: And so why at-home screenings? And then you mentioned a little bit about consumer trends coming out of the pandemic, if you could just expand on that as well. 

Derek Newell: Well for us, it’s been more than about at-home screenings for a long time. As the pandemic has progressed, what we’ve realized is more care can be done at home than we ever imagined. And I’ve always been a big proponent of that. I believe we’re the last generation of people who have to go to the doctor at the corner of 2nd and Main, Suite 222. There’s no reason for us to go to the doctor most of the time, and the reason that people go to the doctor is that’s the way the financial system is set up. People getting reimbursed for virtual visits at the same rate that they are reimbursed for in-person visits and so they transferred the cost of getting to the doctor and waiting six weeks for an appointment and then waiting 40 minutes in the waiting room to to the patient and the patient did that because that was the only way to get care. Now we realize a vast majority of care can be delivered virtually. So one of the most common things that can’t be delivered virtually is tests, diagnostic tests. You have to go in to get the sample. And now what we realize is you can do a vast majority of tests that are needed for chronic condition management as well as infectious diseases at home. And so that’s a huge bonus for at-home care. And what we’ve seen is, before the pandemic, in March, about less than 1% of Medicare visits were virtual. By May, 45% of Medicare visits were virtual. So within two months, the world didn’t change other than pandemic, and the world didn’t change other than that Medicare decided that they would reimburse for telehealth visits because of the pandemic. And so we’re walking into a world where the delivery of care is going to be massively transformed, access is going to be increased, doctor is going to be at the end of your phone or an app on your phone. Quality is going to be increased because that’s going to be a real data driven interaction. And customer satisfaction and consumer satisfaction are going to dramatically increase as well. So the trends I think is you know the biggest trend is consumers trusting a doctor at the other end of a line and consumers building a relationship with a physician, in many cases that they’ve never met before. I think that’s going to be the big shift that’s going to happen in the next decade.

Jody Tropeano: Okay, so let’s get to the big news. Can you tell us a little bit about the latest solution that you’re bringing to employers and health plans alike?

Derek Newell: We've been working with large payers for quite a while in different programs. The big solutions I think that are coming to the market are solutions, right? We get payers that come to us and say I would like to have this kind of test for this population. And what they’re really trying to solve is the problem. They’re trying to solve a problem of population health, of quality measures, of risk scores, of access. And so we put together a platform fully integrated as I had mentioned before that really addresses the problems and brings a solution. And so the biggest solution that we’re bringing to market right now that’s new is the biometric solution for employers. Traditionally, this has been done onsite. There’s these big health fairs and they bring vendors onsite and they do a bunch of things to get people to take these biometrics exams. They might be an onsite clinic, they also can go to their doctor as always. But the reality is is very few of those were done at home. And now we know, even in a post-Covid world, we know Covid’s going to be with us for a long time and it’s endemic to the United States, and it’s not going to go away, so the large gatherings of people that are unnecessary are going to be not on the top of anybody’s list. So our biometric solution is a complete solution where every single employee can do this at home. And one of the other differentiators for us is we have capabilities all across Europe, and so international companies can do biometric screenings in Europe, they can do them in the United States, and they can put them in a place where it’s not a hassle, right? It’s really easy for them because everybody gets the kit at home, it’s mailed to everybody’s local address, they simply fill out the kit, we handle all the customer service issues. Quickly that data gets back to the lab, we own the lab so we can guarantee the turnaround times. I think this is an end to end solution that puts the mind of the HR professional at ease. Because when biometrics goes wrong, they really really go wrong, and it becomes this employee relations nightmare that’s completely unnecessary. And so we are radically redesigning the way that people think about wellness screening in an employee population, and we’re extending that beyond biometrics to other conditions that employers care about that should be routinely screened for. 

Jody Tropeano: Excellent. Well, that’s exciting news. We appreciate you spending time with us to share it. 

Derek Newell: Thank you, Jody. I really appreciate the time with you today as well. 



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