Thursday, Apr 29, 2021 | 12:00 AM ET

Dedalus, one of the largest healthcare software companies in the world, now in North America

There’s a new healthcare software player in North America and they’re bringing the largest Research & Development team from around the world. Listen in to hear what that means for healthcare organizations.

Video transcript:

Jody Tropeano: Welcome. This is the HLTH Announcement Spotlight series. I'm Jody Tropiano the Content Director for HLTH and I'm here with Damon Auer, Chief Executive and General Manager of North American Region at Dedalus. Hi, Damon.

Damon Auer: Hey Jody 

Jody Tropeano: So I hear you have some exciting news to share with us today so

we'll get right to it. First off, who is Dedalus and what makes you different?

Damon Auer: Yeah thanks Jody. So Dedalus, pronounced “data loose” if you say it correctly as I've been instructed by my European colleagues, is one of the biggest software companies in the world and most healthcare executives I think here in North America probably have not heard of Dedalus yet so this is an exciting time to be able to share this news. In fact it's very current news. Dedalus just completed an acquisition of a business from DXC Technology here in the US that is really seeding our launch of the brand here. That transaction completed on April 1, 2021 no fooling, and it's exciting just to be able to bring a brand with such a legacy of impact on the healthcare system and digital transformation in Europe to the North American market.

Jody Tropeano: Congratulations

Damon Auer: Thank you 

Jody Tropeano: So I hear you have one of the largest R&D teams out there so what does that mean for your customers? How does that really set you apart?

Damon Auer: Well it makes a world of difference. The thing is we can all appreciate the healthcare industry all over the world but in particular right here in the US is changing extraordinarily quickly and the last pandemic year that we've lived through has just accelerated the digital transformation of healthcare faster I think than any of us even hoped or predicted and so really having an R&D team of 2500 clinically experienced engineers all over the world means that we can partner with our customers in healthcare to really partner at the speed of change is the way I think about it. The transformation is extraordinarily fast and for us to not just participate in that, and I mean us collectively participate in that transformation, but actually lead that transformation requires agility and speed that you can only accomplish at the scale we're talking about.

Jody Tropeano: Excellent. So let's talk a little bit about your future goals. What are the top three changes that Dedalus hopes to make in the coming years? 

Damon Auer: Well really it's, our mission is to help our customers, whether they are healthcare providers or payers or life sciences organizations, really move at the speed of change in the industry and so if I were going to narrow down three things that I would like to see us be able to accomplish with our customers over the next several years is really accelerate and enable transparency in the industry for all participants, consumers, clinicians, the various industry organizational participants, which by the way continues to grow rapidly as we at HLTH know. We've got financial services firms that are carving out a place to participate in the healthcare industry, retail and grocery organizations have an opportunity to participate and add value to the consumer experience and care, so transparency is one. Experience, consumer experience and

clinician experience is the second. Really having a positive impact on the way that consumers experience care and the way that clinicians experience providing that care in a collaboration with the consumer and external care team members like community-based organizations, family members, friends and other supports for the consumer. And then finally is to just help enable the digital transformation in healthcare with our customers.

Jody Tropeano: So digging in a bit more into the personalization of care, can you tell us a little bit about how you plan to change the patient experience?

Damon Auer: Yeah I don't know if you noticed, Jody, while we were just having this conversation. I never never used the word patient. And that's very much on purpose. Words matter and the way that we use them matters. And nobody in the world likes to be identified as a patient. I know I don't and certainly nobody I've met over the years so using the term consumer when we talk about people who are consuming care and we will all consume care, it's the most personal service arguably that we'll consume in our lifetimes and it remains unfortunately still too wildly impersonal. Clinical and personalization are dichotomous terms and we have to find a way to reconcile those terms for the benefit of the consumer of care and the clinician that is responsible for outcomes and the well-being of that person. So personalization at scale the way that we are able to personalize retail experiences and hospitality experiences are disciplines and language and techniques and tools that we can deploy in our healthcare industry to really change the experience that people have in that system. 

Jody Tropeano: Thanks again, Damon. We look forward to seeing more from Dedalus in the future.

Damon Auer: Likewise. Thank you, Jody.



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