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Crossover Health: Expanding Access to Primary Health

Employers and health plans nationwide are embracing Primary Health. What is Primary Health? It’s surrounding members with a trusted, interdisciplinary care team, providing choice of virtual or in-person access, and relying on measurement-based care. It’s empowering individuals to live their best health. Employers and health plans across the country are embracing Crossover’s unique and outcomes-validated approach to health and wellbeing. That’s why the company is now set to expand their Primary Health offering in target markets across the country, and build a national call center to support the growing care navigation, care delivery and member relationship needs. 

Video transcript:

Jody Tropeano: Welcome to another HLTH Announcement Spotlight. Today I have the pleasure of being here with Dr. Scott Shreeve, Founder and CEO of Crossover Health. Scott, thanks for joining us today.

Scott Shreeve: Hey thank you, Jody, for having me. I really appreciate it.

Jody: Welcome back to the HLTH-verse. You spoke at HLTH two years ago, so I'm sure a lot has changed since then if you can just give us a rundown on what you've been up to over the last two years. 

Scott: We were fortunate to be able to announce our connected system of health in partnership with Comcast which was really taking individual health centers and now tying them together to the virtual network. We had no idea that that hybrid version of care both in person, online and any time would you know have a pandemic size catalyst to kick that off but we were really grateful to have that service available and ready to serve the needs of our members and clients across the country.

Jody: Excellent. And so tell me a little bit more about this primary health versus primary care and why that's so important to you.

Scott: People are very familiar with terms and words matter as you know, and so primary care has become to be understood as a certain discipline that usually involves a doctor and a nurse and we felt that there was a couple problems with that. Number one, we provide a whole range of other services that we also believe are primary care, so whether that's physical therapy, mental health, health coaching, fitness, care navigation, all those services we really believe form a primary foundation for good health. We also wanted to introduce the term health because we really want to focus on that and not just care which is often medicalized or paternalistic. We really feel that each member contributes to their own health, they should take some accountability for that, and we believe the right approach is to surround them with a care team that can help them achieve their very best health. And so that combination of disciplines, the approach, the multiple channels, the multiple modalities is really what we're trying to describe when we use the term primary health to expand people's minds what's possible and what the capabilities are with that service

Jody: That's great. All right, so a little birdie told me you have an announcement for us today so let's get to it now. Tell us about it.


Scott: Oh I love it. I appreciate it. So just like when we announced the connected system of health which is a nationwide rollout of both physical and virtual clinics, we're pleased today to describe the expansion of that network of both virtual capabilities as well as now new physical centers in three new geographies. We're excited to be coming to Seattle, New York and Austin and to expand our services with not just one client but multiple clients in each area and not just to be building one physical center but multiple in each of those markets. This expansion is really important because these are the epicenters of a lot of growth, a lot of people are moving into these areas and I think it sets the stage to enter into more markets with this combined hybrid service that utilizes a nearsight physical network and then the surround sound care that's enabled by virtual. And that combination and to be accountable for the outcomes of the members that are served by that is really what we're excited to introduce and announce today as part of our health experience.

Jody: Congratulations! That's great. So how are you managing the ongoing needs of this expanding member population?

Scott: Well what's exciting about the expansion is we're not only meeting the needs of a growing number of individuals who we count as members but also growing you know a set of geographies in which we're doing this as well. And so what we're finding is that we've had to add actual physical support, so meaning we have now a member support center that'll be based out of Salt Lake City and that group will now continue with the care navigation, some of the health coaching and some of the more virtual or remote services. And so in addition to the physical expansion with the surround sound from the virtual, we're now so now also adding capabilities to make sure that the members’ needs are met, everything from service experience level to all the follow-ups with care navigation and other programming that we're involved with. And so again this expanding network, expanding capabilities and expanding value for both members and our clients. 

Jody: That's very exciting. So then have we hit the inflection point for primary health?

Scott: I believe we have, and here's why the one of the other interesting things about the pandemic was people realize that some of the care issues that you have, COVID being one, isn't just a one and done type of situation. It's where the value of having an ongoing relationship that between visits there's interactivity and that someone's following your condition over time, conditions like diabetes, asthma or other back pain or chronic conditions can sometimes be multiple months or maybe years. And so to have that consistent care team that's tracking with you, that's accountable for your outcomes is really what people are seeing is possible now and we're starting to see very large employers with operations all across the US come to the realization that this is in fact the only way that you can manage conditions over time. If you care about healthcare costs, you have to get involved with healthcare delivery at some level and finding entities and companies and medical groups like Crossover who can stay with you, engage a large percentage of the population, is going to be accountable for those outcomes that has the tools, the technology and the team necessary to drive to these outcomes, is really exciting and I think you're going to see a whole wave of this. 

Jody: I hope so. And so with this big expansion of yours, can you give us, or walk us through a timeline and what we can expect in the near future, a little further out?

Scott: Yeah absolutely. We learned with our Amazon project where we built effectively 20 centers in about six months what's required to go and build these centers and have everything staged out. What you're going to see is we're going to roll out Seattle first. You'll see us rolling out Austin immediately thereafter and then New York. And so what will happen is we'll open that capability and then we'll actually begin to expand within that region once we've kind of landed in that area. And so our capability to support our members, we'll start right away in Salt Lake which is on that same kind of a time frame and you're going to see us continually coming out with announcing new markets, new partnerships and new opportunities for growth and impact. 

Jody: Busy Well thank you for joining us today, and i'll see you in a few weeks in Boston at HLTH

Scott: Can't wait, look forward to it. We'll see you there.

Jody: Thanks so much, Scott. 

Scott: Bye-bye



Scott Shreeve, MDChief Executive Officer, Crossover Health

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