Wednesday, Jul 7, 2021 | 12:00 AM ET

Aduro Announces Aduro Connect

Aduro®, a provider of corporate wellness solutions that drive Human Performance, recently announced Aduro Connect™ to the market. Aduro’s corporate wellness platform delivers a measurable link between individuals’ well-being and their workplace performance. In this spotlight Renee Petrie, Aduro’s Chief Product Officer, discusses how this new platform will support employee well-being and mental health, why it was developed, and how it’s changing the corporate well-being landscape. When people flourish, organizations thrive. Learn more about Aduro Connect.

Video transcript:

Joshua Templeton: Hi Renee. It is great to see you today.

Renee Petrie: Hi Josh. Good to see you too.

Joshua: I'm excited about just the next few minutes that we get to spend together. There's such a buzz in the market about what your new platform Aduro Connect is doing and what's so clear is people are struggling now more than ever and I'd be really excited to hear about how Aduro Connect came into being.

Renee: Yeah that's a great question. You know I would say that Aduro Connect really represents

Aduro's point of view when it comes to employee well-being. We've you know always taken this very forward-looking view of employee well-being in fact, we don't just talk about holistic well-being, we talk about this concept that we call human performance, and human performance you know acknowledges the relationship that an individual's well-being has on their ability to perform and then it takes it one step further and you know recognizes the impact that an individual's well-being has on the organization's overall performance, and so when we think about right now and we think about you know as we're all emerging from the pandemic and re-entering work and re-entering society we know like you said that people are struggling and that's why we created Connect. We wanted to create an experience that really engages and activates people on their own personalized journey back to health and well-being and performance. 

Joshua: So what is Aduro Connect exactly?

Renee: Yeah so Aduro Connect is you know it's an engaging digital experience that really combines expert coaching with interactive digital content. We focus on you know the six interrelated areas of life that really drive an individual's health and well-being. We thread through that experience mental health and make sure we're delivering the resources that really help people in all of those areas and then on top of that we provide training and resources for managers and people leaders so that we can equip them to you know more effectively respond to the need the well-being needs of their people. And then I think the final element of it is you know providing the organizations that we serve with the tools that they need to keep a pulse on how their people are doing so we enable them to look at their overall population across all of those different areas of well-being and performance and also drill down you know by subsets of their population so that they can identify pockets that might be struggling and you know make sure they're delivering their right interventions and resources to those individuals

Joshua: That first of all that just that sounds amazing and I'm sure there's some organizations out there that would love to bring that to life for their employees. You know what I would just say this as we wrap is what's really clear out of everything that you've just said is that when people are healthy, well and flourishing that organizations thrive. Congratulations on your product launch. That's absolutely amazing. Thanks for doing for the organization and I'm so grateful for the time that you spent with me and it was great to see you.

Renee: You too. Thanks Josh

Joshua: Take care 

Renee: Bye



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