Clinician Group Terms And Conditions

Rules of Engagement for Clinician Focus Group

  1. Complimentary ticket:

    HLTH’s Clinician Focus Group Program provides a complimentary ticket for qualifying individuals to attend HLTH on October 11-14, 2020 at Caesars Forum Las Vegas. Your ticket provides all-access to the event, including the exhibit hall, sessions, meals and networking receptions that are not private.
  2. Qualifications

    Individuals must: (a) be an active practitioner, and (b) take a minimum of five (5) 35-minute onsite meetings with participating sponsors.
  3. Meeting Times

    You commit to being onsite and available for all meeting timeslots dedicated for Hosted Buyer Program on Monday, October 12 and Tuesday, 13 until your final schedule is sent a week before the event. *Exact times are subject to change.   
  4. Travel Arrangements 

    You are responsible for making your own travel and accommodation arrangements to attend HLTH. You can book an onsite hotel room in our dedicated room blocks on the HLTH website. We do not guarantee the availability of our hotel room block and recommend you book early.
  5. Program Participation 

    We will contact you approx. one month prior to the event in order to pre-select your focus groups with our online platform. You agree to participate in this process by (a) completing a short application with questions about your organization, job role and interests, (b) pre-selecting sponsors for potential focus group sessions, (c) adding meetings to your calendar. Following HLTH, you agree to provide post-event feedback on the program and each of your focus groups. 
  6. Failure to Complete Meetings

    If you pick up your HLTH badge onsite or otherwise attend HLTH but do not take a minimum of five (5) pre-scheduled focus groups, you will not be able to participate in HLTH’s Clinician Program for one or more future years. 
  7. Cancellation & Substitutes:

    If you are approved for the Clinician Program and become unable to participate even though you are still with your organization, you agree to suggest one or more substitutes from your organization as your replacement in the program. Acceptance of any substitute is subject to our prior approval via email. You may cancel your participation without any penalty prior to September 8th, 2020. Cancellation requests must be received in writing to After this deadline, if you cancel your registration and are not able to provide a substitute approved by us, this may prevent you from qualifying for HLTH’s Clinician Program for one or more future years. 
  8. Information Sharing 

    HLTH reserves the right to share any information you provide to us with participating sponsors at various stages of the Clinician Program process. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we will share your email address only after the event with those participating sponsors that you met as part of the Clinician Program.

Qualification for the Clinician Program is determined solely by HLTH and may be revoked at any time. By completing registration, you agree to these Clinician Terms & Conditions.