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Wednesday Speciality Summits at HLTH

Wednesday Summits at HLTH will feature five half-day deep dives offering impactful insights on top trending topics. Experience executive-level speakers, intimate roundtable discussions, powerful demos, and networking opportunities to connect with fellow healthcare decision makers.

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The Policy Summit

Explore timely and essential insights on regulatory changes affecting healthcare

Amidst a heated Presidential election, we'll delve into the potential regulatory shifts shaping the future of healthcare. Join us as we explore the future of reproductive rights alongside crucial topics such as innovation, data exchange, and privacy. Explore the evolving regulatory landscape and its impact on healthcare stakeholders. Gain insights into navigating digital health programs and fostering effective public-private partnerships to enhance population health outcomes. And we don't shy away from controversial topics!

Startup Founder Summit

Engage with healthcare entrepreneurs and investors to discuss their journey and vital partnerships

Connect with pioneering minds and discuss the journey of healthcare entrepreneurship and crucial partnership with the investors supporting them. Gain coveted insights from the brightest minds in health tech investing who will divulge emerging metrics of success and venture strategies. The program will engage startup founders in ways to get their foot in the door with top investors, grow and adapt their business models and plan for their companies’ futures, exits and all.

Healthy Aging Summit

Extend healthy lifespans and learn how to best support our growing aging population

Live longer, in healthier years. Glimpse into how we can better nurture and support our ever-growing aging population as the boom of individuals participating in Medicare and MA plans continues. Engage with experts in health aging, healthcare providers, payers and top digital health leaders promoting longevity and well-being. This program will explore innovative models of preventive care, agetech and digital solutions, and Medicare reimbursement, all with a mission to empower older adults to live vibrant, independent lives, for longer.

Diabetes and Obesity Care Summit

Explore the seismic shift in cardiometabolic disease driven by a new class of drugs

The landscape of cardiometabolic disease management is undergoing a seismic shift driven by a blockbuster new class of drugs, GLP-1 agonists, which has profound implications for the future of care. Collaborate with healthcare professionals, researchers, and public health advocates to address the multifaceted challenges of prevention, treatment, and reimbursement for emerging treatments. The program will explore evidence-based interventions, cutting-edge therapies, and the latest thought leadership aimed at improving outcomes and reducing the burden of obesity and diabetes on individuals and society at large.

Future, Future, Future of Health Tech Summit

Peer into the distant future of healthcare tech by exploring innovative, unconventional solutions

Look far ahead to see what's years or decades ahead in health technology through exploring the boldest, most out-of-the-box solutions. This platform is tailored for groundbreaking advancements in digital health, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and beyond as visionary leaders and tech innovators share their insights and predictions, along with some really mind-blowing demos. Experience how emerging technologies are revolutionizing healthcare delivery, personalized medicine, and patient-centered care, shaping the healthcare landscape of tomorrow. Health tech is in its Jetsons Era..

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