Nurses @ HLTH 2024: Shaping the Future of Healthcare

At HLTH 2024, Nurses @ HLTH stands as a testament to nurses' pivotal role in healthcare. This dedicated program empowers nursing professionals, the backbone of healthcare delivery and innovation. This initiative is focused on highlighting the insights and viewpoints of nurses in all our discussions regarding the return on investment in healthcare innovation and the development of solutions that enhance patient care while alleviating the burden on overworked clinicians.

What’s New This Year

This year at HLTH 2024, the newly expanded Nurse Innovators Pavilion will spotlight emerging nurse entrepreneurs addressing a myriad of complex challenges in patient care. Additionally, a new content program will address the multifaceted challenges faced by nurses as frontline clinicians. This program offers tech leaders and innovators unparalleled opportunities to gain firsthand insights into the pressing issues confronting care teams and patients. Emphasizing the importance of a collaborative environment focused on advancing care delivery, the program underscores the vital role nurses play in shaping the future of healthcare.

Commitment to Nurses

At Nurses @ HLTH, we deeply value and recognize the indispensable role of nurses and nurse leaders in healthcare. We understand that without nurses, there can be no true advancement in patient care or optimization of healthcare delivery systems. This program is our commitment to changing that narrative by spotlighting and supporting nurse-led innovation.

Nurses @ HLTH is designed for:

Nursing Professionals across all levels eager to lead and innovate in their fields.

✔ Technology companies seeking to understand the needs of patients and care teams

Nurse Leaders and Innovators seeking platforms to showcase and expand their impactful solutions.

Investors and Tech Innovators looking for collaborative ventures in health tech and nursing.

Healthcare Executives and Policy Makers focused on integrating nursing insights into healthcare strategies.

Participants will experience:

Empowerment and Recognition: Elevate your professional profile by recognizing your community's contributions to healthcare.

✔ Educational Excellence: Access a diverse range of educational content focusing on the latest trends and practices in nursing.

Enhanced Networking: Build valuable connections through targeted networking sessions and collaborative forums.

Visibility for Innovations: Showcase your projects and ideas on a prominent platform dedicated to nurse-led innovations.

This is an opportunity to engage with a diverse group of thought leaders, including:

  • Respected nurse leaders and advisors

  • Innovative healthcare practitioners

  • Renowned educators and thought leaders

  • Forward-thinking investors supporting healthcare innovations

Nurses @ HLTH is a gathering for those committed to elevating the importance of nursing practices and healthcare outcomes.

Nurse Insights Brief

Contribute your best practices and have your voice highlighted in this year's Nurse Insights Brief shared with the HLTH community. This exclusive insights brief summarizes critical trends, challenges, and actionable strategies discussed at the event, providing a valuable resource for your ongoing professional development and influence in healthcare.

Empowering Nursing Professionals: The HLTH 2024 Scholarship Program

Unlock new opportunities in healthcare innovation with our dedicated scholarships for nurses. Designed to facilitate your participation at HLTH 2024, this program provides the resources you need to advance your career and influence in health technology. Applications for the 2024 Nurses Scholarship Program are open. Apply here

Join us for Nurses @ HLTH

Join your peers and the healthcare ecosystem at HLTH 2024 for a curated experience designed around nurse executives.

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