HLTH 2024

Qualifying Criteria for Media Credentials

Thank you for expressing your interest in qualifying for accreditation for HLTH 2024, taking place October 20 - 23 in Las Vegas.

Outlined below are the qualifying requirements for all types of media and social media content creators interested in attending HLTH. To begin the process, please complete the online application and provide any necessary supporting materials. If your application is under consideration, we may contact you for additional information. Emails from your editor to support your application, if required, should also be sent to media@hlth.com.

Prior to completing the application, we recommend a thorough review of the qualifying accreditation requirements. The qualifying media accreditation criteria assume that applicants are full-time in-house journalists, freelancers under specific assignment, and that journalism is the applicant’s main job.

Accreditation will NOT be granted to:

  • Academics, account representatives, engineers, financial analysts, general managers, marketing executives, public relations representatives, publishers, sales executives, students, startups, etc.;

  • Personal website writers, fan sites, designers, editors and creators;

  • Facebook or Twitter pages/accounts, personal blogs, communities, forums and user groups;

  • Industry consultants and consultancy firms;

  • Company-branded podcasts;

  • Expert contributors to media outlets whose main role day-to-day role is not journalism;

  • Editorial or business representatives associated with industry trade groups, associations or company-partnered/sponsored websites.



  • Required: A link to your publication’s website that shows your name listed as part of the editorial team.

  • Required: At least 3 bylined articles relating to the healthcare industry (published within the last six months).

  • Required: Bloggers must demonstrate evidence of daily (2-3 entries) writing related to the healthcare industry.

  • Required: Freelancers are required to submit an email from your editor, from the company email address, stating that you will be covering HLTH for the publication/outlet.

  • Please note: Publishers and non-editorial executives or owners/CEOs do not qualify for a media pass; and company publications or newsletters do not qualify as media;

    Facebook or Twitter pages/accounts, personal blogs, communities, forums and user groups do not qualify.


  • Podcasters will receive media passes on a case-by-case basis.

  • Required: A link to your podcast website that shows your name listed as host and/or producer.

  • Required: Podcasters who have been in existence for at least one year and regularly produce original audio content in and around the healthcare industry.

  • Please note: If the podcast has been in existence for less than one year, we may ask for additional credentials and weigh a podcast’s monthly downloads, listener ratings and social media following in determining eligibility for registration.


Social media content creators seeking qualification for the creators program should submit the following criteria to media@hlth.com. Please note that acceptance into the creators program is subject to limited availability.

  • Required: A link to your profile or channel with your name appearing in a content creation capacity.

  • Required: At least 3 posts relating to the health and wellness industry (posted within the last 3 months).

  • Required: Content creators must also provide channel metrics, verifying the channel has 50,000 or more subscribers or followers and videos receive on average 2,500 views.

    Please note:

  • Social Media Content Creators do not qualify for media passes.

  • Creators that cover the following topics will only be considered: health and wellness, fitness, nutrition, nursing, providers, health tech, mental health, and other related topics.

  • Content must extend beyond personal video diaries, opinion or personal analysis.

  • Corporate videos, sponsored videos and contest/giveaway videos do not qualify as relevant supporting content.

  • We do not accept VCs, startups or corporate accounts in this program.


  • Required: An email from a producer/editor from the broadcast media, from the company email address, stating that you will be covering ViVE for the outlet.

  • Required: Applications from production companies must be supported by an email from the broadcast media for which they are working. The email must be from a senior editor/producer from the broadcast media, from the broadcast media company email address. The email should be sent to media@hlth.com.

Please note: Production crews hired by exhibitors, sponsors or speakers to film at HLTH will not be considered for a media pass and must register as general attendees or work with your sponsor.


Media accreditation is reserved exclusively for active members of the media, including editors, reporters, producers, camera crews, and podcasters. HLTH reserves the right to decline a media pass if the applicant fails to provide sufficient credentials.

HLTH reserves the right to modify this policy without public notice and retains the ability to revoke previously issued HLTH media accreditation/registration at its discretion.

Previous registration at other HLTH events does not guarantee approval and does not exempt individuals from the accreditation requirement.

If you do not meet the criteria for accredited media in any of the aforementioned categories, it is advised not apply for a Media Pass. Instead, you should proceed to register as General Admission through the HLTH registration page.

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