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The labor market is complex, requiring employers to be more flexible and responsive to shifts in the economy, while offering more hybrid work models to meet the demands of employees. Employers are investing in mental health and wellness programs, offering access to counselors and therapists, stress management training, and flexible working hours.

Cultivating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has also moved from the periphery to the center of business strategy. This period, while challenging for some organizations, presents significant opportunities for growth and change to their hiring practices, promotions, and workplace culture. That’s where HLTH comes in.

Who We Are

HLTH is the leading health innovation event focused on bringing together the entire healthcare ecosystem to create impactful change or to move our industry forward.

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Why employers should attend HLTH 2024

It’s imperative for companies to remain competitive as new industries rise and numerous technologies are changing the way people collaborate and conduct business.

Our employer conversations will focus on the current labor outlook, along with the increasing emphasis on high value care, mental and behavioral health, DEI, impact of generative AI, and other alternatives to traditional healthcare solutions in order to increase overall health and wellness.

Through our Employer Connect program, you can connect directly with peers and pioneers, enjoying personalized, strategic 1:1 meetings. This program offers curated networking that transforms challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. Learn more and apply for your complimentary ticket here.

Key Topics and Themes

Discussing opportunities to generate awareness and adoption of new digital tools that emphasize the importance of whole-person health.

✔ Developing an inclusive culture that offers flexibility and agility for professional growth and upskilling, as well as, identifying the needs of employees to attract and retain talent.

Justifying expenses and the measurement of ROI as new price increases impact professionals to seek better employment opportunities and benefits.

Providing financial incentives and rewards to employees for using preventative services while helping to cultivate a culture of health and wellness from the top down.

Evaluating new innovations in healthcare to include maternal health, medical leave, and caregiver support, while assessing other health plans that offer comprehensive benefits for employees, families and pets.

Prioritizing mental and behavioral health while creating more balance in the workplace.

Show Floor Employer Lounge

Employer Lounge brought to you by Mercer

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Monday, October 21 8 am - 6 pm

Tuesday, October 22 8 am - 6 pm

Wednesday, October 23 8 am - 1 pm

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In its 3rd year, the Employer Lounge has become a staple of the HLTH event as a must- see for every attendee focused on providing better and more valuable solutions to their clients. Employers will learn how to create a consumer-centric system within their own orgs by understanding the health vendor landscape better. New this year is an expanded Vendor side for all solution providers who are interested in working with benefits and total rewards teams to expand their market.

To learn more about Mercer's focus on the Employer Experience at HLTH this year, click here to read more and watch a recap video of 2023.

Networking Opportunities

  • Meet Your Match: Engage in 1:1 meetings with the latest health solutions for your employees to include: GLP-1 capabilities, Cancer support, Digital Navigation, Advocacy/Care Coordination, Inclusive Reproductive Health and Family Planning

  • Peer-to-Peer Exchange: Share experiences and strategies with fellow employers in our exclusive networking sessions.

  • Show Floor: Connect with leading digital health companies showcasing their latest offerings. And, don't miss Mercer's Employer Lounge!

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