Experiential Activations

Immerse yourself within our experiential activations at HLTH 2023 designed to educate, connect, heal, and delight as part of your attendee experience.

#AskPatients Lounge - Meet 1:1 with Patients

Impact Pavilion (Booth 5638)

Learn what patients want, need and value to help you create stickier and more engaging patient experiences. Sign up for a one-to-one patient meeting to inform product/service development, validate go-to-market strategies or refine patient materials. Scheduled and drop-in meetings available.

Learn about Patient Partners you can meet with at HLTH:

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Patient Story Studio - Find Meaning, Connect & Be Empowered

Podcast Booth in the Impact Pavilion (Booth 5638)

Record your patient or caregiver story in the Patient Story Podcast Studio. HLTH attendees are invited to sign up or drop in for an interview with host Grace Vinton, a patient advocate, digital health expert, and host of HIT Like a Girl Podcast’s “HITea With Grace”. Interviewees will receive a copy of their audio file - and some will be invited to participate in a HLTH Foundation campaign to enhance connections between patients and providers and encourage health self-advocacy. Interviews will take 30 minutes.

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Health Justice League Selfie Wall

Impact Pavilion (Booth 5638)

HLTH salutes the healthcare superheroes among us devoted to fighting health disparities, systemic inequities and social barriers to wellbeing. Don a cape, show the world what you stand for, and reveal your identity as a member of the Health Justice League. We appreciate you!

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Women at HLTH Career Q&A Wall - Crowdsourced Career Help

Impact Pavilion (Booth 5638)

Have you got a career question? Are you a healthcare career veteran with five minutes to spare? The Women at HLTH Career Q&A Wall offers a space to crowdsource career questions and advice, to and from HLTH attendees. Make the Women at HLTH Career Q&A Wall a regular stop during your time at HLTH. Post an anonymous question, then check back regularly to see advice from your fellow attendees; or pay it forward and return to experience the power of the crowd.

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Nurse Innovator Lounge

Booth 3454

HLTH, in collaboration with the American Nurses Association (ANA), is set to honor pioneering nurses in the field of innovation through the Nurse's Innovator Lounge. This initiative offers various stakeholders the chance to connect and engage in discussions centered on nursing innovation. This represents just the beginning of HLTH's partnership with the nursing community. We are currently in the process of developing a thought-provoking series for VIVE 2024 and HLTH 2024, which will feature focus groups, panel conversations, webinars, podcasts, and media projects. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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Social Media Lounge

Booth 6940

Be a part of the conversation at #HLTH2023! Come to the Social Media Lounge to catch what's trending and add your thoughts and comments by posting on social media with our hashtag #HLTH2023.

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Comprehensive Screenings

Booth 1449

Reperio takes health screenings out of the lab and delivers instant results at home. Get biometric health data, including cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, and more, in less than 10 minutes!

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Walgreens Vaccine Clinics

Booth 5316

Walgreens is inviting you to participate in a moment of proactive health and self-care with in-booth vaccine clinics. Their friendly team will offer flu shots and updated COVID-19 vaccines in-booth, along with complimentary refreshments.

Vaccination dates and times:

  • Monday, October 9: 10:30am - 1:30pm

  • Tuesday, October 10: 10:30am - 1:30pm

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Headshot Lounge

Level 1 in the hall outside the Show Floor

Have you been using the same headshot for more years than you prefer to admit? We've got your back. Stop by the headshot lounge to capture your best self for all your professional needs!

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Styled by Salon

Booth 2455

Stop by the salon on the show floor to enjoy a complimentary trim or makeup application. Transform into a star for your next meeting or glam up for our nightly receptions. 

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Puppy Park

Booth 3638

Did someone say puppies?? The Puppy Park is back at HLTH 2023 for all your cuddling needs! Take a break from the commotion of HLTH and get some puppy love from therapy dogs right on the Show Floor.

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Snack Bar

Booth 1853

Getting a little hungry between interactive networking, engaging sessions, and exploring the show floor? Stop by the Snack Bar for a little pick-me-up and energy boost to keep you focused throughout your time at HLTH.

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Coffee Carts

Booths 3841 and 4226

With so much going on at HLTH 2023, you'll want to make sure you're alert so you don't miss a thing! Stop by the coffee carts on the show floor for the jolt you need to power you through the day.

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"Food as Medicine" Pavilion

Booth 2050

As an integral component of WELL by HLTH, we have introduced the "Food as Medicine" pavilion for HLTH 2023, aiming to both educate and feature groundbreaking products, initiatives, and organizations at the forefront of the "Food as Medicine" movement.

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ZEN Immersive Experience & Lounge

Booth 1352

Breath, relax, and recharge at the Zen Lounge located in the WELL by HLTH area. Go inside The Dome and take a break with a message, oxygen bar, and stress relief color wall. Take mindfulness to the next level in this never-before-event experience that will temporarily transport you to a moment of complete tranquility.

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WELL by HLTH Activations

Booth 1452

Stop by the WELL by HLTH area on the Show Floor to give yourself a wellness treat! Boost your energy levels, relax, and let go of stress at the oxygen bar and aura activator and energizer.

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