Authenticx is the new standard for humanizing conversational intelligence in healthcare. By utilizing machine learning, NLP, and human analysis, Authenticx analyzes millions of customer conversations such as voice, chat, or emails. With Authenticx you can confidently account for every voice of your diverse patient population, take action on identifying insights and pain points along the customer journey, and measure agent performance, and engage in agent coaching to improve quality scores.

HLTH does not sell or provide any personal data (including email, phone, address) to any third parties and we never will. Any communication that pretends to be HLTH or any third parties selling purported lists, discounted rooms, or any product/services are NOT AFFILIATED with HLTH and are to be considered FRAUD.

Upcoming Event Dates

2024 | ViVE: Feb 25-28; HLTH Europe: Jun 17-20; HLTH US: Oct 20-23

2025 | ViVE: Feb 16-19; HLTH US: Oct 19-22

2026 | HLTH US: Nov 15-18

2027 | HLTH US: Oct 17-20

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