Hosted Buyer Program

Terms and Conditions

  1. Complimentary ticket

    HLTH’s Hosted Buyer Program provides a free ticket for qualifying individuals to attend HLTH on November 13-16, 2022. The event will take place at The Venetian Expo in Las Vegas. Passes to the event are all-access to the exhibit hall, content sessions and networking opportunities.

  2. Qualifications

    Individuals must: (a) be responsible for buying or evaluating digital health technology or other solutions for their companies, and (b) take a minimum of eight (8) 15-minute meetings with participating sponsors, which are based on a double opt-in scheduling process.

  3. Super Buyer

    Qualified Buyers who schedule and attend 12 or more Hosted Buyer meetings at HLTH with participating solution providers will be deemed a Super Buyer. Super Buyers qualify for a free HLTH ticket plus a $750 hotel/travel reimbursement post-event as an added benefit. The 12 meeting minimum is a must.

  4. Meeting Times

    Participants must commit to being available for all for Hosted Buyer meeting times on Monday, November 14 and Tuesday, November 15 of the event within the following dedicated program timeslots:

    *Exact times are subject to change

    Monday, November 14 from 10am - 1pm and 2-5pm EST

    Tuesday, November 15 from 10am - 1pm and 2-5pm EST

    At the end of October when the platform launches, participants will have the ability to manage their availability within the dedicated program times by indicating specific time slots in the matchmaking platform schedule they are able to participate in a potential hosted buyer meeting.

    All meeting schedules must be finalized prior to the event. Meeting schedules may be spread across two days, they may not be back to back.

  5. Travel Arrangements

    You are responsible for making your own travel and accommodation arrangements to attend HLTH. You can book an onsite hotel room in our dedicated room block at The Venetian by clicking here; we do not guarantee the availability of our hotel room block and recommend booking early.

  6. Program Participation

    Participants will receive an email 2-3 weeks prior to the event to access the Hosted Buyer Platform. At that time, you will gain exclusive access to view participating solution providers and send/accept requests to schedule your own 1:1 meetings in advance. You agree to participate in this process by (a) completing a short application during the registration process (b) sending meeting requests to solution providers and scheduling a minimum of eight (8) 15-minute meetings, (c) adding meetings to your calendar, (d) attending all scheduled meetings. Following HLTH, you agree to provide post-event feedback on the program and rate each of your meetings.

  7. One-to-One Meetings

    To maintain the integrity of the program, we do not permit requests to combine meetings with other individuals from your organization that are also participating in the program. If more than one person from your organization is enrolled in the program, each individual must complete a minimum of eight (8) 1:1 meetings.

  8. Failure to Complete Meetings

    If you pick up your HLTH badge onsite or otherwise attend HLTH but do not complete your scheduled meetings, you will not be able to participate in HLTH’s Hosted Buyer Program for one or more future years

  9. Cancellation & Substitutes:

    If you are approved for the Hosted Buyer Program and become unable to participate, you agree to suggest one or more substitutes from your organization as your replacement in the program. Acceptance of any substitute is subject to HLTH’s approval. You may cancel your participation without penalty by October 19, 2022. Cancellation requests must be received in writing to Any buyer canceling after this deadline and not providing a substitute or failing to show for a scheduled meeting will not be permitted to participate in this program in future events.

  10. Travel Stipend (Super Buyers only)

    Qualified Buyers who schedule and attend 12 or more Hosted Buyer meetings may qualify for a free HLTH ticket plus a $750 hotel/travel reimbursement post-event. If you are unable to attend 12 or more meetings in the Hosted Buyer Lounge onsite, you will not be eligible to receive a hotel/travel reimbursement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we reserve the right at our sole discretion to prorate your travel/hotel reimbursement calculated based on the total meetings for which you were scheduled.

    The reimbursement of  $750 in travel and/or hotel expenses is conditioned upon completion of a minimum of 12 Hosted Buyer meetings and submitting an email request for reimbursement to post-event. Please note that HLTH will not reimburse for any mileage points or rewards used for travel.

  11. Information Sharing

    HLTH reserves the right to share any information you provide to us with participating sponsors at various stages of the Hosted Buyer Program process. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we will share your email address only after the event with those participating sponsors that you met as part of the Hosted Buyer Program.

Qualification for the Hosted Program is determined solely by HLTH and may be revoked at any time. By completing this registration, you agree to these Hosted Buyer Terms & Conditions.

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