Arena Analytics

At Arena Analytics, we help organizations vitalize, stabilize, and diversify their workforces to improve the standard of care. Using data, we go beyond the resume to match people to specific positions, departments, and locations where they are most likely to thrive. By revealing each individual’s likely performance, we are transforming the labor market from one based on perception and unconscious bias, to one based on outcomes. Healthcare clients have partnered with us to drastically reduce the high cost of employee turnover, fill vacancies quicker, and optimize community-based hiring to build a high pe

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Upcoming Event Dates

2024 | ViVE: Feb 25-28; HLTH Europe: Jun 17-20; HLTH US: Oct 20-23

2025 | ViVE: Feb 16-19; HLTH US: Oct 19-22

2026 | HLTH US: Nov 15-18

2027 | HLTH US: Oct 17-20

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