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Moving Forward Together: Beyond the Pandemic

Moving Forward Together: Beyond the Pandemic, brought to you by ATA at HLTH 2021, will explore the expanded role of virtual care as a true modality of modern, hybrid care delivery and highlight technologies and stakeholders pioneering integrated healthcare for patients and providers. The agenda will explore what’s next for telehealth post-pandemic and what this industry needs to address in its expanding role to define a unified approach to addressing health equity and bridging gaps in healthcare access, patient inclusion and experience, balancing challenges between providers and payers, harmonizing stat

Sunday | October 17

9:30 AM9:40 AM EST

Welcome and ATA Update

Ann Mond Johnson, CEO, ATA, @AnnMondJohnson

9:40 AM10:00 AM EST

Keynote: The Lessons Learned from 2020 Provide a Springboard for Increased Telehealth Adoption

In 2020, telehealth was on the top of a mountain. The virtual visit became a universally understood concept and for the first time in history, patients experienced the convenience of having the doctor’s office brought into their home. However, common themes are emerging that could bring us back to an in-person-dominant care model, including the threat of lower reimbursement for telehealth visits compared to in-person. The choices we make in the next few months will determine the landscape for telehealth in the US for at least a decade. For telehealth to survive, we must create logical, financially sound reasons for providers to pivot long term. Simply saying that telehealth is the right thing to do or that patients demand it does not seem good enough as we look at our future. Healthcare providers, payers, suppliers and innovators, and patients all have a role, a choice to make telehealth part of the solution.

Speaker: Joseph Kvedar, MD, Joseph C. Kvedar, MD, Chair of the Board, American

Telemedicine Association (ATA), Professor, Harvard Medical School, Editor,

npj Digital Medicine, @jkvedar

10:00 AM10:40 AM EST

Panel: Conquering the Digital Divide

The pandemic brought an almost overnight shift to virtual and digital healthcare delivery, but it also brought to light myriad inequities in vulnerable and hard to reach populations. This session will explore how telehealth can help us understand, engage with and provide care to the underserved communities that have had limited access. What are organizations doing to address and what are the tools for network capacity and infrastructure needed to help bridge the digital divide in tech and policy? What are the barriers in the industry’s way and what is large tech provider’s obligation in addressing the digital divide and making tech accessible to ensure no one is left behind?

Moderator: Abner Mason, Founder and CEO, ConsejoSano, @abnermason


  • Lea Sims, Marketing Strategy Lead, Healthcare, Insurance & Life Sciences, Enterprise Field Marketing, Verizon Business Group, @Verizon_Lea
  • Ed Deming, Healthcare Strategist, VMWare, @endeming

10:40 AM10:55 AM EST

Executive Spotlight: Telehealth and HealthTech: Bridging the Gap

Technology developments make their way into every aspect of human lives and

industry – and Healthcare is no exception. Bret Larsen, Co-Founder and CEO of

eVisit, the leading Virtual Care technology solution, will cover how the use of

Telehealth and HealthTech is helping providers practice at the top of their license

and how HealthTech is helping HCOs/IDNs bridge the gap in care to mitigate risks

enterprise wide. Technology advancements are happening every day, every

nanosecond and those that embrace these approaches to work smarter help drive

the change needed in Healthcare. Technology has been given a bad rap as a key

driver in provider burnout; however, when embraced properly, it can mitigate

burn-out and help professionals become better. From providers and nursing staff

to care coordinators and admin team members – technology is becoming a more

crucial aspect in advancing patient care delivery. This presentation will give

powerful examples of HealthTech advancements throughout history that have

enabled major strides forward in patient care, as well as address ways to remove

usage barriers to HealthTech such as culture shifts, Medical School curricula and

on-the-job training and online tools.

  • Bret Larsen, CEO and Co-Founder, eVisit, @BretALarsen

10:55 AM11:35 AM EST

Panel: Healthcare’s Future: Evolving to a Hybrid Model of Care

In 2020, telehealth became a household word, with unprecedented numbers of providers and patients turning to virtual care as a vital component of healthcare delivery. At the same time, healthcare providers and hospital systems experienced rapid transformation, creating a hybrid delivery system of in-person and virtual care to best serve the needs of their patients. This session will explore use cases from organizations and solution providers helping to move toward a hybrid model of care delivery, and placing the patient first within this model – yet establishing equilibrium for the provider for better decisions in triaging. What is the pathway for organizations to grow and what is the plan if the pandemic situation reverses, what does reimbursement look like? How has the evolution to hybrid grown to include remote monitoring, acute patient care, shared services and hospital at home? And what have been lessons learned and potential opportunity for this space in the next few months?


Moderator: Kristi Henderson, DNP, NP-C, FAAN, FAEN, Senior Vice President, Center for Digital Health and CEO, MedExpress, Optum Health/United Health Group, Chair-Elect, the ATA, @KristiHenderson


  • Zenobia Brown, MD, Vice President and Medical Director, Population Health, Northwell Health, @ZenobiaBrownMD
  • Wendy Deibert, SVP of Clinical Solutions, Caregility, @theteletweeter
  • Lou Silverman, CEO, Hicuity Health, @HicuityHealth

11:35 AM11:50 AM EST

Executive Spotlight: Build TRUST with Telehealth to Change the Course of Chronic Disease

Healthcare is an environment where we are at our most vulnerable and trust counts the most. How a person engages, is related to the trust they have in their provider and the system. Learn how combining the foundation of telehealth with personalization, relevance, relationships and communication can change the course of chronic metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity, which impact over 75% of US adults and make up 50% of COVID fatalities.

Jan Berger, M.D., M.J., Chief Clinical Strategist, DayTwo, @jberger57

11:50 AM12:05 PM EST

Executive Spotlight: Evolution of Telehealth: New Modalities for Primary Care

Since the 2020 pandemic, and the subsequent regulatory and reimbursement

relief, telehealth rapidly expanded its’ capabilities. Honorable Dr. David Shulkin,

ninth Secretary of the US Department of Veterans Affairs and Strategic Advisor to

Sanford Health, will talk to telehealth adoption and evolution of technology in

stages. Dedi Gilad, CEO and Founder of TytoCare will share the new gateway for

primary care that provides a comprehensive platform for care delivery.

  • Dr. David Shulkin, ninth Secretary of the US Department of Veterans Affairs and

Strategic Advisor to Sanford Health, @DavidShulkin

  • Dedi Gilad, CEO and Founder of TytoCare, @TytoCare

12:05 PM12:35 PM EST

Fireside Chat: A.I.’s Role in Bias and Equity

With all of the challenges we must tackle in making sure no one is left behind, how does A.I. help us with bias – or does it? Join this provocative conversation that explores how A.I. can help with bias in our brains and how this needs to be integrated into our healthcare platforms.

Moderator: Joseph Kvedar, MD, Joseph C. Kvedar, MD, Chair of the Board, American Telemedicine Association (ATA); Professor, Harvard Medical School; Editor, npj Digital Medicine; Senior Advisor, MGH Center for Innovation in Digital HealthCare, @jkvedar 


  • Tom Lawry, National Director for Artificial Intelligence, Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft, @TCLawry
  • Suchi Saria, PhD, Associate Professor of Machine Learning and Healthcare, Johns Hopkins University, CEO and Founder, Bayesian Health @suchisaria

12:35 PM12:40 PM EST

ATA Closing Remarks

  • Ann Mond Johnson, CEO, ATA, @AnnMondJohnson
  • Joseph Kvedar, MD, Joseph C. Kvedar, MD, Chair of the Board, American Telemedicine Association (ATA); Professor, Harvard Medical School; Editor, npj Digital Medicine; Senior Advisor, MGH Center for Innovation in Digital HealthCare, @jkvedar