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Sunday, October 17: 9:30am - 1:30pm ET

Systemic Health Activism: Designing for Equity


The 2021 HLTH Equity Impact Program will explore the roots of health injustice, shine a light on areas of progress and seek to identify the most effective approaches to instilling activism into healthcare as a lasting value, mindset and approach to achieving health equity. Join us for a program that welcomes all speakers and attendees in an inclusive environment where confronting health injustice is invited and expected.

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Sunday | October 17

9:30 AM10:00 AM EST

Health Equity

Inclusive Knowledge Creation in Healthcare

A conversation on repairing disparities and inequities in medical research and treatment, covering everything from bench research to clinical trials and precision medicine.


Virginia A. Brown, PhD, MA, Assistant Professor, Population Health, Dell Medical School


Irene Dankwa-Mullan, MD, MPH, Chief Health Equity Officer, IBM Watson Health

Pamela Tenaerts, MD, MBA, Chief Scientific Officer, Medable

10:00 AM10:30 AM EST

Health Equity

Racism and Health Justice in Respiratory Disease

The interplay of factors impacting respiratory disease, its risk factors and co-morbidities are a complex case study in systemic racism. What are healthcare’s most effective pressure points for dismantling racial discrimination and improving outcomes for people of color?  



Kimberly Sterling, MS, PharmD, Senior Director, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Medical Affairs, ResMed 



Megan T. Sandel, MD, Associate Professor Pediatrics, School of Medicine; Associate Professor, Environmental Health, School of Public Health, Boston University 

10:30 AM11:10 AM EST

Health Equity

New Opportunities for Equity in Kidney Disease

From disease prevention to dialysis, transplant and end-of-life care, care of chronic and end-stage kidney disease is overdue for change. 


Winfred Woodrow Williams Jr., M.D., Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School, Associate Chief, Division of Nephrology and Co-Chair, CDI Advisory Board, Massachusetts General Hospital


Joel Ackerman, CFO, DaVita

Robert Sepucha, JD, CEO, Cricket Health

Nwamaka Eneanya, MD, MPH, FASN, Assistant Professor of Medicine & Epidemiology; Director, Health Equity, Anti-Racism & Community Engagement, Nephrology Division, UPenn

11:00 AM11:50 AM EST

Health Equity

Strengthening Communities as an Inroad to Equity

Hear from organizations tackling care disparities by investing in a deep understanding of the communities they serve, and forging committed partnerships to address population needs with insight and ingenuity.


Michael Petersen, MD, Chief Clinical Innovation Officer, NTT Data


Mike Valli, Executive Vice President, GM, Northeast Regional Leader, Optum

Kate Sommerfeld, MPP, President, Social Determinants of Health, ProMedica

Toyin Ajayi, MD, MPhil, President and Co-Founder, Cityblock Health

11:50 AM12:20 PM EST

Health Equity

More than Zip Codes: Minding the Metrics for Health Justice

A discussion on the role of metrics in assuring progress on health equity, covering innovation, current practice, gaps and successes, as well as advice on getting buy-in and implementing measurement programs. Panelists will explore key areas of equity measurement such as race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status and geography.


Clifford Goldsmith, MD, US Chief Medical Officer, Microsoft



Sarah Shih, MPH, Assistant Vice President, Research and Analysis, National Committee for Quality Assurance

Pierre Barker, MD, MBChb, Chief Scientific Officer, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

12:20 PM12:50 PM EST

Health Equity

Stigma, Mistrust & Racism: Lessons Learned from HIV

HIV was stigmatized even before it had a name. In the US, improving outcomes requires a strategy to overcome mistrust and racism as well. Hear from longstanding advocates for the underserved. What have they learned and how have they adjusted to navigate cultural and systemic barriers and meet the challenges of serving BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people?

Facilitator/Co-Discussant: Daniel O’Day, MBA, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Gilead

Discussant: Jonathan L. Walton, MDiv, PhD, Dean, Wake Forest University School of Divinity

Monday | October 18

12:00 PM2:00 PM EST

Health Equity Luncheon

Can Healthcare Employers Be the Activists We Need to Achieve Equity?

Employing about 58% of Americans and providing insurance for about half the nation, employers’ influence over culture and health are undeniable. How are healthcare employers advancing equity in American life and health? Are we on the cusp of a new era of employer activism?

12:15 PM1:00 PM EST

What Am I Getting Into? What it Really Means to Commit to Equity

Healthcare organizations are beginning to broaden their scope of equity to encompass a mission of health justice. They’re reevaluating internal culture and policies, the services they provide, community outreach programs and vendor relationships. But transformation isn’t easy. Hear about integrated strategies to facilitate change and steps leaders are taking on health equity inside and outside of their organizations.



Kulleni Gebreyes, MD, US Consulting Health Care Sector Leader; Director, Health Equity Institute, Deloitte



Joseph Betancourt, MD, Senior Vice President of Equity and Community Health, Massachusetts General Hospital

Thea James, MD, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine; Vice President of Mission and Associate Chief Medical Officer, Boston Medical Center


Darrell M. Gray, II, MD, MPH, FACG, Chief Health Equity Officer, Anthem

1:00 PM1:45 PM EST

Benefits that Serve

Employer-sponsored health and wellness benefits have failed to reflect the diverse health needs, preferences and financial realities of the people they’re meant to serve. New benefits models and products aim to maximize flexibility and engender trust so that employees can curate healthcare, wellbeing services and savings that meet their needs.


Nancy McCarrick, Senior Vice President, National Health Innovation Team, Aon


Tanya Dillard, VP, Strategy and Innovation, Transcarent

Charlotte West, Chief Large Market Revenue Officer, Bind Benefits

Elizabeth Dunphy, SVP of Operations, Vitality Flex Marketplace